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"Oil & Water Soundtrack”

The soundtrack to the OIl & Water is now available on ITunes and Spotify. Composed and performed by Erik Aho.

Available on ITunes

Spotify, Amazon, Soundcloud.

"Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2"


Erik orchestrated on the blockbuster feature "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2".

scoring "magnum opus"

Erik composed almost 70 minutes of music for Kevin Elliot's feature thriller "Magnum Opus" (2017).  Cues from the score were recorded in Budapest with a 55-piece orchestra.  Soundtrack will soon be available on ITunes. Hear "Threnody":

"Magnum Opus" will be released in summer 2017.



Erik scored Kevin Molina-Ortiz's epic animated short film.  Released in Feb 2017 you can watch all 17 gorgeous minutes of it here:


In a world where the dead are forgotten and the stars are but a legend, a little boy follows in his brother's footsteps to reconnect the realm of the living and the dead. After a very successful festival run, I am proud to put my thesis film 'Stardust Echoes,' up online for the world to see!




Erik worked as an orchestrator on Rob Duncan's exciting hybrid score on NBC's Timeless.  



Scoring "Wild West fan co."

Matt Thompson shot this short on 16mm and Erik scored it orchestrally using banjo, guitar and a dash of Morricone.  Benny Banjo lives!


A spaghetti western parody of archetypes and folklore -- In Scorchville, the hottest town in the Wild West, an eccentric Chinese fan peddler tries to cool down a family of hot-headed notorious vigilantes, who are caught in a 3-way draw.



WaxLab Music creates music for Adobe's "Creative Cloud" Launch.

Along with Brian Carr, Erik Aho scored 10 videos for Adobe's launch of their "Creative Cloud".



orchestration on "Spark"

Working with Tim Williams and Drew Krassowski, Erik orchestrated for Rob Duncan's wonderfully scored, animated feature "SPARK" (2017).



Orchestration on "The Whispers"

Erik orchestrated for 13 episodes of "The Whispers" on ABC and conducted 2 at Capitol and Warner Brothers' Eastwood Scoring Stage.





erik Receives ASCAP's David Rose Award

Erik receives ASCAP's David Rose Award after participating in the prestigious Film and Television Scoring Workshop.    Recorded with a 60-piece orchestra on the Newman Scoring Stage, his piece "Albert's Dream" features Belinda Broughton on solo violin.


The Recording Musician's Association of Los Angeles is made up of the top instrumentalists in the film and television music recording industry.  The best of the best, these musicians have played on the most iconic films in cinema history.  Erik was chosen from 12 of of the most talented emerging composers in the industry to receive a monetary grant from this venerable organization.


Oil & water premieres at SIFF

Oil & Water had a fantastic premiere at the Seattle Film Festival in June 2014 and continues to make the festival rounds around the world. It started airing on PBS on September 21, 2014. The soundtrack is available here: And read more about the film here: